3D Printing the SnorkPPE

“SnorkPPE can be printed in about 90 minutes on a home 3D printer for about 30 cents worth of filament. It was designed to be easy to print without supports or post processing.”

A key design element was that it could print fast. Under 90 minutes fast. It wasn’t designed to look pretty. It was designed to not need supports. You can pop it off the printer bed and put it into action. There’s no finishing work. You can print three at a time overnight. Every night.

Original units were printed on a Prusa MK3 with the following settings in PrusaSlicer (2.2.0) based on Slic3r:

  1. Print Setting: .20mm SPEED
  2. Filament Setting: Prusament PLA (using Hero3D PLA and Prusament PLA fillament)
  3. Infill: 20%
  4. No brim, no supports required.
  5. Average print time 1h 30m for both the SnorkPPE and the lid.

Important: Always check your SnorkPPE after printing. Make sure no holes or errors were introduced during the printing process. After connecting to the mask, check for air leaks.

Download from Thingiverse

Latest Updates:

  • April 6, 2020: Circular Twist-Lock Snorkel to Pall 20mm OD Filter
  • April 6, 2020: N95 Filter Version with New Snap Locks

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